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Great style/art, and great puzzles. I love it! Looking forward to more!

TeamTailnut responds:

Thank you! We're glad you like it :)
There's more in the making! Stay tuned and stay funky (and visit us on our Patreon :) ),

I tried in a couple different browsers, but it won't start. It gives me this error: "An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
ReferenceError: UnityProgress is not defined"
Hopefully you can fix this, I am interested in your bowling game!

Fantastic artwork and animation!!

잘했어. 수고하세요!!

dong134 responds:

thank you.
It helps a lot.

The artwork is as beautiful as always. No complaints from me!! ;)

I knew I recognized the art style! A little confusing at first, but pretty easy to get the hang of. Instead of a title card with all the instructions, it would be cool to have a little tutorial where it shows how to "start off" the first girl. Great work, keep it up :)

Love them boobies! A little glitch: sometimes when I'd drag one boob and then try to drag the other the first one would drag again. Keep it up :)

pinguInGames responds:

thank you, i will look for the glitch! and in a later version will be the main focus on booby interaction (or general body interaction), i hope it will be as i imagine... let me know if you have some ideas, or wishes!

EDIT: glitch should be fixed.

This has a lot of issues with it, but I love the idea and I can see this getting really good.
Some issues: Not a big deal, but it says "buy me a coffee!" and then it leads to Patreon. "Buy me a coffee" is a phrase for the website ko-fi, not Patreon - this could be confusing to potential donors.
There were a lot of times I went through the table/counters. The dialogue boxes started stacking - when a new one is activated, the old one should close.
I really love the "Sims" feel of it though!!

Bad-Rock responds:

Hey EroPharaoh,

I will be sure to change "the Buy me a Coffee" to Patreon. I had no idea about Ko-fi the website, but am in fact obsessed with the caffeinated beverage! It's part of the staple game dev diet!

Thank you for point out the navmesh issues, and problem with the speech system I will be sure to correct these as soon as I can!

Thank you for the constructive and helpful comment and giving the game a go!

Until Next Time

Bad Rock

Love the difficulty options and the power ups! Adorable! :)

Very cute and solid game. I liked the character design and the sound effects were cute. It could be a bit more difficult, maybe a faster scrolling speed? The music should also loop, especially in an "infinite runner" game! Overall great job!

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