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lmao I saw this on tumblr, glad to see it here too!

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This is super cute and well animated! Hermit crabs can swim, though... ;)

Very smooth, and loving the Don Hertzfeldt nod. Nice work!!

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TheBabbleBeast responds:

I've never heard of Don Hertzfeldt until now (I know I know ;P). Took me awhile to find the reference to which you speak... LOL Thanks! :D

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Great style/art, and great puzzles. I love it! Looking forward to more!

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TeamTailnut responds:

Thank you! We're glad you like it :)
There's more in the making! Stay tuned and stay funky (and visit us on our Patreon :) ),

I tried in a couple different browsers, but it won't start. It gives me this error: "An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
ReferenceError: UnityProgress is not defined"
Hopefully you can fix this, I am interested in your bowling game!

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Fantastic artwork and animation!!

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Pretty solid Rick! There are some points where you can hear your accent, mostly on the long "U" sound (like "doing" in "what are you doing, Morty". Keep practicing and you'll sound just like him!

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Blounty responds:

Thanks for the review man, means a lot. I will continue practising especially as the new season has just started!

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Awesome job!! Just seeing that mask brings back memories, and you did it perfectly! :)

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