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Hey everyone! I make adult (18+) animations and games! Support me here: https://www.patreon.com/eropharaoh

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Getting kind of worried

Posted by EroPharaoh - April 19th, 2017

UPDATE 10/06/2017: My credit cards are catching up to me! I don't have enough money to pay all my bills this month, so if you can donate any amount of money that would help out immensely. Find out how below. I'm having so much fun animating, but money's tighter than (insert political joke here). 

UPDATE 06/01/2017: I've been very busy doing commissions, so I don't have to find a part-time job. I'll still be cranking out animations as usual. :)  However: If my Patreon gets more money, I will be able to focus on bigger projects, where I can take in suggestions and improve on it. I'll probably still do commissions but I will take more breaks to work on the bigger projects.

UPDATE 05/11/2017:
 I'm loving all the support I'm getting! Getting closer and closer to my goal each day thanks to people donating their hard earned money to show appreciation for my hard work (pun intended). 

I'm going to be honest. I need to find a job soon, so I'll be animating a lot less. Basically I was laid off in a company transfer and I had some extra money saved up, so I've been animating to try to see what kind of income I could get. It's not going great. I've got 6 great supporters on Patreon but it's simply not enough to pay my bills. If I could get to $1,000 a month I could pay all my bills and eat. I'm not giving up yet, but the decision will come soon so I'm kind of panicking. 

The reason I'm making this post is to ask for your help.

So far about 10,500 people have watched my Summer's Birthday animation, and I'm getting some great reviews that make me really happy. But let's say at least 5,000 of those people enjoyed my work, and maybe 1,000 of those have an extra buck. If 1,000 people gave me $1 a month on Patreon (or did a 1-time  PayPal or Credit Card payment if you can't do it every month), I'd be able to pump these animations out like nobody's business. You can also share my work on any forums or websites you frequent! (don't be a spammer about it though!) It's been euphoric spending my off-time animating, and seeing that people like it is a great bonus.  I love animating and entertaining. But if I have to get a job, I'll have maybe 3-5 hours to animate the days I work, and I'll have to spend my days off catching up with things I need to get done. 

I work very hard on my animations, but I also work very hard keeping up with the community! I read every single comment and suggestion, and I love the ideas I'm receiving from everyone. 

Alternatively:, if you love my work and have a bit more than a buck, you can always commission an animation from me! Just think of a character you want to see and what position, and check out my commission guide on my Patreon post, or just e-mail me (  eropharaoh (AT) yahoo.com  - change (AT) to @ ) with the subject "COMMISSION!" and tell me what you'd like to see. If it's too expensive, we can explore what to change to lower the price. 

I'm groveling for your support on Patreon, One-time PayPal/Credit Card donation, or through commissioning my work via e-mail (  eropharaoh (AT) yahoo.com   ) . Sharing my work with your friends and peers will help, too!

Thank you everyone! :)



Comments (6)

Just wanted to show my support. Good luck!

Thank you very much!! :)

Love your animations and just wanted to say keep your head up and stay positive :D.

I'm trying! Animation is fun and definitely takes my mind off it...but at the end of the day, there's a lot of stuff I'm going to lose if I don't make money either from this or another job, including capabilities to animate (I use a desktop PC, I don't own a laptop). Thank you for the kind words, glad you enjoy my work!! :)

i will support you all the way dude!

Thanks!!! :D

Hey man. I just wanted you to know. if you can survive for about 1-2 more months. i can fully support you. I really like the work you do on RnM.

Any support I get can get it fantastic, thank you so much!! I have a lot of commissions lined up, so I should be okay for that long! ;)

Great game

dude whats your patreon