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still stuck

Posted by EroPharaoh - May 26th, 2021

Hey everyone. I was hoping my next post would be a bit more positive, but it's been about 5 months and I'm still in prison. I haven't given up hope, and my people are still trying to get me a parole site. My situation is more complicated than it may seem on the surface, so I'd rather not go into details until I can really discuss it and reply to questions and comments.

I'm sure some of you know that I used to read and reply to literally EVERY comment and message on the sites I post to (before I got locked up), and I really miss those interactions. Due to time restrictions on the phone (and the fact it can be damn hard to hear..." They said what? Huh? Say that last part again?"), I very rarely get a chance to hear what everyone is saying in response to all this.

I do know a lot of people are supportive and I'm really thankful for that. You all really help me to stay positive and never give up hope. I also can't believe how lucky I am to still have financial support after all this time. I still have a hard time saying I have "fans" (it makes me feel too big-headed), but I've had quite a few great conversations with many of you...so I hope it's not too cheesy to say I'm glad to have so many friends looking out for me.

I had an artistic slump for a while, but I'm starting to draw again. I have plenty to share when I'm out for sure!

Prison really sucks. Who'duv thunk?!

Until next time, my friends!




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Chin up King/Queen. You'll be free soon. But given the advancement of the pandemic,I'd say you remain in the cell for the better of living rattan than cause of the ambiguous crime you never opened up to us.

he stole my bike.

Keep your head up broseph

what'd he do?

Keep your chin up! You can do this, I hope you can make it out soon! ?

hope you get out soon fuckprison

glad to see your still positive, stay strong

Damn. Hope you manage to get out someday, and are also eventually able to transfer other games you've made onto the site with the newgrounds player, like the May and Lana games or some of your interactive videos once you're free.

Make sure you are using all available assets to you such as any local incarcerated advocacy groups that can help you. The "justice" system has crawled down to a standstill with the pandemic going on. do your best