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Posted by EroPharaoh - November 30th, 2018

Hey everyone! Here's what I've been up to and what's coming for the future:

Oreimo Commission: I don't have any new preview for this one, but now that Summer's Birthday is released (and major bugs fixed) I will be focusing a lot more on this. I have most of the basic animation for one scene done.

Marie Kanker:
I've begun working on the POV blowjob scene (as voted by Patrons last month). Plank is just a placeholder for now. I will have an animated preview available when I get enough of it done!

Summer's Birthday: This month's poll is regarding a new main for Summer's Birthday. It will most likely go into about mid-december and end when I come up with a new poll. $5+ patrons can vote here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/november-poll-22775562

Secret Project: It's a secret!

Until next time, thanks everyone!!

If you like my work, please consider becoming a Patron!



Comments (35)

Welp, I’m not too excited for the lack of new things being added this month.

No nut November, tumblr purge, starbucks blocking porn soon, this month has been a sad month bro. Let’s see what Santa has to give us for our horny desires, despite that we are being the naughty ones here.

December may be better! ;)
Also, are people really looking at porn at starbucks...?

I am looking forward to your new work Looking forward to the progress of your new work every month. You can do it! :)

Where's December News? D:

December News?

Hope things are alright!

okay... i'm starting to get worried here. you alright dude?

Ero's disappearance right after Tumblr announced the adult ban reminds me of a certain quote from Avatar...

"When the world needed him most, he vanished."

Bad news guys. According to his Brother on Patreon, Ero is apparently incarcerated right now for reasons he can't say. I'm not making this up, hope Ero didn't do something bad.

@KrillXen I hope everything goes well to EroPharaoh, and thank his brother notifying all of us about the situation.

@KrillXen What the fuck?! Nooooo! I hope he's innocent! He's the best h-flash creator we have!

Yo where's December news at

@oblacklightningo Unfortunately Eropharaoh’s brother said that Eropharaoh has been incarcerated for reasons unknown. So we’re not sure when will the next news will be posted.

Read here for further details: https://www.patreon.com/posts/temporary-change-24002950

We need a moment for our lost brother. EroPharoh M.I.A since 2018

@PonyBoy636 You mean POW

Is eropharaoh still locked up anyone know

@oblacklightningo Honestly, nobody knows. Wait until the end of the month and we’ll see.

It's almost May...

@youyoutootoo0 Yeah. I'm very sad that Eropharaoh is still incarcerated (maybe), and unfortunately I can't find other hentai flash artists who is open to commissions anywhere else right now. Eropharaoh is the best of all Flash creators.

If anybody knows other people who can do hentai flash commission, let me know. I have been too horny lately and my desires have not been satisfied...

@arashiXff1No idea since EroPharaoh was one of the bests. He pumped out so many varied things in just 2 years and they were amazing quality. I hope he comes back soon

Yikes, it looks like Eropharaoh’s patreon Page is under review.

Something behind the scenes?

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