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Posted by EroPharaoh - June 29th, 2018


Hey everyone! Here's what's been up this month:

As many of you might know, Patreon temporarily suspended my account for a little while and I ended up taking down the two things that allegedly broke the rules - I believe this was a mistake/false report and we cleared it up mostly, but I'm still uncertain if that means I can repost it. I am waiting on a response regarding this.

Lana (Pokemon) commission:
I originally wanted to get this out before the end of June, though there is something I personally wanted to add so unfortunately the release will be pushed until mid-late July. I think it will be worth it. :)

I've also e-mailed Patreon regarding tentacle content - the commission calls for tentacles to be holding onto her and penetrating her (consensually), but I didn't think about it until after I begun the commission that tentacles may be considered bestiality. I didn't consider this because it's such a staple in classic hentai. I'm hoping all is well since the Pokemon Tentacruel is sentient and also a fictional monster, otherwise I will have to change the tentacles to the standard "floating penis". I've already animated them so I'm really counting on it being the former.

Summer's Birthday v0.6:
As you can see I'm adding Stacy and Jacqueline ("detoxed" Morty's girlfriends). I have some others that I want to keep a surprise for now. Later today I will be doing a Patron-only poll on Patreon (patreon.com/eropharaoh) to see which characters people want to see most in the next version. I think I will start doing more polls like this in the future as well, maybe including some public polls for other options.

Marie Kanker:
I don't have a new preview picture that details anything too obvious, but there are some optional toggles I've been working on. I'll be looking for a voice actress soon, but she has a pretty unique voice - if I can't find the perfect voice she might be fairly silent..

This is probably the latest I've posted my news, but it's been a hectic month!

If you like what I do, please consider donating so I can keep this up!: https://www.patreon.com/eropharaoh


Comments (5)

Oh man, I hope you get that tentacle stuff allowed. I didn't know how much I wanted that until now. Can't wait to see what the thing you personally wanted to add was.

You managed to get someone to do Lois Griffin I'm sure you can get someone to sound like Marie! :D

I hope so too! ;)

I had to beg Oolay-Tiger to get that Lois Griffin voice after the only VA I found to try out was asking for $200 for 2 minutes of moaning (can't afford that). If I can't find anyone to save me here I might have to skip the voice!

I hope you get everything sorted! If it makes you feel better,You're not alone. Your patreon wasn't the only NSFW account that was attacked. I've heard word that several nsfw artists where attacked at the same time as yours, they got their accounts back thankfully, so I'm guessing it was a new admin who was mistaken and suspended patreon accounts left and right, so I woudnt worry about it too much. Also is the new update of summer's birthday going to involve more switch ins for summer? I'm just curious. Either way, keep up the good work!

Thank you! A lot of NSFW artists were in fact breaking Patreon's rules, so I wouldn't call it an attack...but I do believe mine was a mistake or false report. I think the suspensions are a bit more complicated than a new admin too considering the amount of staff involved - I think it has to do with a partner to Patreon threatening to leave if they don't get their "high risk content" in order (or something in that ballpark, I doubt Patreon wants to suspend people and lose their cut of that money).With thousands of NSFW Patreon pages and reports to scour through, there's bound to be a few errors. That's just my theory though, I don't have any evidence!

I'm going to try to put in another switch for Summer, but I'm not sure if the other "mains" will have voices at this point - I might add in alternatives for now and give them voices in the future if I can.

Thanks again! :)

@LordFarquaad21 @EroPharaoh is there an NSFW only patreon style site? if not there is a million dollar idea. games anim.s and toys all through this nsfw site

I would love an option like that, but even more important would be a paypal-like service that allows adult content as well; all of these Patreon rule changes/suspensions are due to third-party payment processors who don't agree with the content. Without options aside from debit/credit cards, there would be significantly less people willing to donate I think.

What happened to summers birthday? i recall it being on newgrounds for sure.

It was taken down for Patreon's suspension review process. I believe it was a mistake/false report and it looks like I should be able to put it back up, but I want to get a final confirmation that I can do so. I will be making a post on Newgrounds/Tumblr/Patreon when everything is back up :)

@godzillabeasty @EroPharaoh Why would that affect your newgrounds version though if it was taken off patreon?

Patreon isn't a hosting website for my projects - I link to them from Newgrounds. Since they're directly related to and funded by my Patreon (with the links and all), all the projects on this account are subject to Patreon's rules.