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Posted by EroPharaoh - February 18th, 2018

Hope everyone's doing well so far! Here's what's up this month:

(I was going to draw a little money stack with boobs but my time is probably better spent actually animating, so just imagine it. Bouncy money tits!)

I'm having a little bit of issues with money this month, I should be able to pay all my major bills but it's going to be cutting it really close. If you enjoy my work, you can help keep me afloat by donating even $1 a month on Patreon - I have over 2,000 fans on Newgrounds now (holy crap!) - if everyone gave me a dollar I'd be doing very well! Click here to support me! (https://www.patreon.com/eropharaoh)

Summer's Birthday v0.5 status:
These are the new partners for Summer's Birthday v0.5! I have a few other things that will stay a surprise for now...I'm finishing up a few things and I'll be releasing Summer's Birthday v0.5 THIS FRIDAY (February 23rd). I know it's not "Late January/Early February" but I ran into some scripting problems! I fixed all kinds of things, including animation issues and the menu glitch where the dropdown would sometimes close when a button is pressed. There is also a new background and a hidden scene. For those of you who might've missed the last post, Gwendolyn (Morty's Sex Bot) will be mandatory for any character pairings that would be incestuous with Summer. She's also optional on the rest of the characters!

Melody (Josie & The Pussycats) commission status:
As you can see from the picture, I've decided to add "Archie Comics" style eyes as an option (along with the Hanna-Barbera animation eyes). I'm thinking this one might be completed early March...assuming there are no issues!

More stuff:
As soon as I release v0.5 of Summer's Birthday, I'll be working on an animated preview for the Marie Kanker Patreon Raffle animation! 

Thank you everyone for your comments and support! 

Comments (9)

A choice in eye styles? You spoil us. Eyes are the sexiest part of a woman after all!

Nothing like the expression of pure ecstasy! Thanks! ;)

Now we're talkin'! Fantastic work my dude. Whenever I get my own financial issues sorted out, I'm definitely going to add you as a patreon.

Thank you so much! :D Can't wait to see what people think!

Tbh, as long as there's a release date, i'm down for whenever. Just a question though, and sorry if this has been answered before. Are you planning on adding more bottom characters besides Summer? or maybe options to have two of the same characters? ex: Jessica on top, and another Jessica on bottom.

I do have plans for more bottom characters - this next version has Gwendolyn as a switch for now. I want to add Jessica as a bottom eventually, but I still have to get voices (and money for those voices). I think you will like my surprise option. ;)

do you plan to add the Presidentress as an option?

She's like... super tiny, so you can just pretend she's there!
Maybe if I can think of a good way to do it I might add her eventually. ;)

Are you going to post full version of
Summer's Birthday? Drawing incest still count as an incest? Is it against rules to put it on web?

I've taken out the incest element with a mandatory character switch on potentially incestuous pairings. It's against Patreon's rules, and that's where my money comes from. Sorry! :(

where the heck is 0.5? lol........ :(

I'll be releasing it very very soon! I'm getting everything together for the upload now :)

I'm not the spokesperson for Eropharaoh, but everybody calm down a bit. He'll upload v0.5 when it's ready.

Thank you! Very soon now! ;)

So now that the summer animation is out and the melody animation is almost done... is marie kanker next?

It may not be the next to be released, but yes, Marie Kanker will be worked on now during commissions! Summer's Birthday will be continued once I have Kanker completed :)

keep it up man

Thank you!! :D I will!