Hey, Listen!

2017-07-21 15:03:52 by EroPharaoh

I’ll start this off by saying I hate to grovel for money, but I love animating (and eating) way more, so here goes…

My Patreon donation page has slowly been doing better, but I’m still barely scraping by. 


For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can help make my dream of animating lovely characters for myself and you all a reality! 

Patreon is an awesome website where you can help support creators with a monthly donation (you can cancel any time of course). There are even little prizes for donating at certain levels! Even $1 helps! If everyone who really loves my videos gave me $1 a month I can continue down this wonderful path of naughty adult toons! You can donate to my Patreon with the following link: https://www.patreon.com/eropharaoh 

If you’re unable to do monthly donations, you can help out by donating directly to my Paypal, or Buying me a coffee! 
 You can send money my way on both sites with your Paypal account or just with a credit card if you don’t have an account!

You can donate to my Paypal with the following link: https://www.paypal.me/eropharaoh

Or, send me a coffee: http://ko-fi.com/eropharaoh


I really love how this is going, and I hope you want me to keep it coming! 



Commissions OPEN!

2017-04-26 23:07:48 by EroPharaoh

I'm now doing animated commissions! For the right price, I will animate what YOU want! Pricing found at the end of this post. My e-mail is eropharaoh (AT) yahoo (DOT) com. You can also message me here on Newgrounds in a private message :)


Payment must be up-front through PayPal. I've been burned before, so sorry about that! Make sure you pay me under "GOODS AND SERVICES" and not "FRIENDS AND FAMILY"! I can't accept Friends and Family payments as it bypasses the fee I pay for PayPal and they will terminate my account if I try to dodge it.
You can count on me to be faithful with our transaction with my name as a creator on the line! I'm serious about my craft!

COMMISSIONED PROJECTS WILL BE SENT IN 3 FORMATS: .SWF (you can open these with your browser), .EXE (you don't need a stand-alone flash player for this but you will need flash player for browser) and your choice of either .webm, .avi, or whatever format you want! (Note: if you have options added to your animation, these options aren't available for use in any video format. You can use options in the SWF & EXE.)

Note: Please don't ask for gore or scat (watersports O.K.) 
Pretty much everything else is fine, e-mail me if you have any questions!

Gay/Lesbian is OKAY! If you want an underage character, I will "age" them to 18!

Please keep in mind I'm doing this to make a living! My prices may be a little more pricey than other artists, but I've got bills to pay and I spend a LOT of my time on animating! I assure you that you will be pleased with the quality of the finished product! I send previews along the way to make sure everything is top-notch the way you want it!

A simple animated loop can take less than a week, while a more complicated one could take a week or a little longer. Please keep in mind this is all relative to what you ask for! More stuff takes more time, more time takes more money! 

Right now the only reference to the quality of my work is what I have on Newgrounds. I assure you I will keep this quality consistent throughout my animations; no half-assing! I try to stay as close to the show's style as possible, but I'll stray from "canon" if requested (like giving a character larger breasts than seen in the show). I will do cartoon characters either from TV, movies, or your own original design.



$100-$150 - Short animated loop, 800x500 resolution (Color, simple background (basic stuff like a bed or something, not a lot of details), 1 main character of your choice and 1 non-descript anonymous character sex pairing, 9-12 frames, no audio)  

$200-$300 - Short animated loop, 800x500 resolution (Color, detailed background (more complicated, like the garage background of the Summer animation), 1 main character of your choice and 1 non-descript anonymous character sex pairing, 9-12 frames, no audio) 

Options included free: Quality, "Hide Clutter" (if you have multiple options, see Summer's Birthday short for reference)

Add options - +$10-$50 per option, depending on complexity (Examples: Breast size, Clothing change, change background, etc.)

Cum scene - +$30 per character cumming.

Audio - +$30-$60 for moaning, sex sounds, and royalty-free generic background music (gotta play it safe!). If you have Dynamic Expressions (see below) that require additional sound clips, it will cost extra. If you provide me with any of the sounds I can reduce the price since I'm just plugging it into the animation at that point. Please keep in mind if you want to choose a song yourself, you must either own the rights to it or provide a royalty-free clip. 

Dynamic Expressions - $20 for 3 expression changes, $10 for each additional expression change after that (example: 1st expression - tongue out panting, 2nd expression - eyes rolled back with open mouth, 3rd expression - eyes and mouth closed, holding back emotion). Adding dynamic expressions to my flash loops makes them feel much longer than they actually are, as the sex itself is 9-12 frames while the facial expressions can last way longer. Check out Summer's face in my Summer's Birthday loop for an example of this. Tell me how long in seconds you want an expression to last before it switches to the next one! Making an expression last longer or shorter doesn't affect the price - just how many expressions there are.

Additional Characters/Replace non-descript anonymous character - +$50-$100 To replace the anonymous character doing the screwing, and +$30-$90 for background characters, price depends on complexity.

Pricing can fluctuate depending on what you want, contact me through e-mail (  eropharaoh (AT) yahoo (DOT) com - replace (AT) with @ and (DOT) with a period) OR private message me here on Newgrounds to discuss this. :)

Getting kind of worried

2017-04-19 03:29:55 by EroPharaoh

UPDATE 06/01/2017: I've been very busy doing commissions, so I don't have to find a part-time job. I'll still be cranking out animations as usual. :)  However: If my Patreon gets more money, I will be able to focus on bigger projects, where I can take in suggestions and improve on it. I'll probably still do commissions but I will take more breaks to work on the bigger projects.

UPDATE 05/11/2017:
 I'm loving all the support I'm getting! Getting closer and closer to my goal each day thanks to people donating their hard earned money to show appreciation for my hard work (pun intended). 

I'm going to be honest. I need to find a job soon, so I'll be animating a lot less. Basically I was laid off in a company transfer and I had some extra money saved up, so I've been animating to try to see what kind of income I could get. It's not going great. I've got 6 great supporters on Patreon but it's simply not enough to pay my bills. If I could get to $1,000 a month I could pay all my bills and eat. I'm not giving up yet, but the decision will come soon so I'm kind of panicking. 

The reason I'm making this post is to ask for your help.

So far about 10,500 people have watched my Summer's Birthday animation, and I'm getting some great reviews that make me really happy. But let's say at least 5,000 of those people enjoyed my work, and maybe 1,000 of those have an extra buck. If 1,000 people gave me $1 a month on Patreon (or did a 1-time  PayPal or Credit Card payment if you can't do it every month), I'd be able to pump these animations out like nobody's business. You can also share my work on any forums or websites you frequent! (don't be a spammer about it though!) It's been euphoric spending my off-time animating, and seeing that people like it is a great bonus.  I love animating and entertaining. But if I have to get a job, I'll have maybe 3-5 hours to animate the days I work, and I'll have to spend my days off catching up with things I need to get done. 

I work very hard on my animations, but I also work very hard keeping up with the community! I read every single comment and suggestion, and I love the ideas I'm receiving from everyone. 

Alternatively:, if you love my work and have a bit more than a buck, you can always commission an animation from me! Just think of a character you want to see and what position, and check out my commission guide on my Patreon post, or just e-mail me (  eropharaoh (AT) yahoo.com  - change (AT) to @ ) with the subject "COMMISSION!" and tell me what you'd like to see. If it's too expensive, we can explore what to change to lower the price. 

I'm groveling for your support on Patreon, One-time PayPal/Credit Card donation, or through commissioning my work via e-mail (  eropharaoh (AT) yahoo.com   ) . Sharing my work with your friends and peers will help, too!

Thank you everyone! :)


Hey everyone!

2017-04-16 16:42:06 by EroPharaoh

Just started my Newgrounds account! Let me know if you have any questions!